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I started gliding in 1980 and have flown over 3000 hours, broken many state records and one National record as well as winning OLC Australia a couple of times. I retired in 2022 having flown the Morning Glory on my last flight. Soaring gliders is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of virtually all ages. I have flown form the Gliding Club of Western Australia.

From the beginning of time mankind has gazed skywards and dreamed of soaring like a bird. For thousands of years he could only dream. Then earlier this century, that dream finally became a reality. Now we can soar aloft on the currents of rising air. We really do glide gracefully, high above the earth, detached and free for hours on end! And yet amazingly, very few people are aware that this age-old dream is not only within their grasp, but affordable too.

Morning Glory