Reasons the answers in Genesis as to why the Bible proves an old earth

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Reasons to Believe, a Christian Group explains how science and the Bible agree,   Einstein and Stephen Hawkins  show how the God of the Bible created the Universe.

Quite some years ago I became a Christian, having previously professed to being a Darwinist. On becoming a Christian I began to study the Creationists point of view, believing that I should follow their thinking. The problem was that the 6 day creationists appeared not to have answers to their theories. They could explain them so far but could not fill in all the pieces. How would Noah survive the tsunamis that would be generated by pushing up the mountain ranges we have today. Why does the universe so clearly look billions of years old and profess to be only a few thousand years old. The answers are actually so simple and clear if you look at the Reasons to Believe web site. God created the universe, you and me. He also created natural processes, the forces that hold molecules together, an earth just the right size with the right sun in the right galaxy. However he did not do it 6000 years ago. Modern science and the bible work hand in hand and if you go to the Reasons to Believe web site you will find out far more than I can tell you.