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James Cooper GT 40 E  Green GT40


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This page has been written for two reasons. Particularly to give knowledge of how to build a GT 40 Kit Car with a Tesla Motor

I am in the process of building a GT40 kit car. However having been a Greenie I could not build a 6-litre gas guzzler I decided to use a Tesla electrical motor instead.

In brief I live in Western Australia and will be building the car in my garage, were I hopefully will have enough room to build the car.
Being born in the mid 1950's the GT40 was many child's dream car however money prevented me from buying a GT40 but I did build a couple of Mark 1 Austin Healey Sprites, the second Mint and 100% original. But Gliding took over.

I had been looking at buying a GT40 from Roaring Forties in Australia and in March 2020 I went to visit the company, whilst going to the F1. Two weeks later the company closed down due to COVID lockdown. I had in the meantime purchased a Tesla motor and it was on its way to the factory. It was not until November 2020 that Roaring Forties opened its door. Soon after the company was bought out by Robert Logan who makes cars on Philip Island. After conversations with Robert I am enthusiastic with his technical ability and enthusiasm for the project.

In Western Australia I have been working with Tim, from EV Works in Landsdale Western Australia. He will be giving me help on the Motor Drive side of the project. Again Tim appears to have great enthusiasm and technical knowledge.

You can follow the development on Face book GT40E or Instagram GT40E.

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James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details International Justice Mission, PingPongAThon, exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  Building a Ford GT 40 Electric Car