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SZD 55 VH-XIFHaving been a coach for a number of years and having written a number of articles for both the West Australian clubs and the GFA magazine, in addition to finding some great articles from other pilots. I have decided to place these articles on the web for all to retrieve as they require.

Please look at the articles as you require, I hope that you can learn from them. If you are an early solo or cross country pilot, that is you have been flying only a few years can I suggest that you read, Speed and Angle of Bank as a priority.

Link to my Club at Cunderdin Western Australia.

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In Recent years the Gliding Club of WA has had continual Expansion and profitability, the article gives some indication how we got there.

Flying the Morning Glory. Morning Glory Cloud

How to Thermal VIDEO Download  YouTube
How to find Thermal Sources Talk YouTube

Speed Bank and Yaw      


Thermal Centering

Streets Movie 

Flight Analysis with SeeYou 

Oxygen Cascade

Aero Tow out of Paddocks

Soaring Lemonade

Your Final Glide?

How a day dies.

Lead and Follow

What is My Goal Today?


Immaculate Flying Platypus  

Temperature Trace


Richard McFarlane Theory

Are you prepared to outland

Colibri Instructions Setting tasks into Colibri not via a computer

Colibri V 4.2

Use of a Parachute

Flight Evaluation

Thermal Poster

Inter Thermal Poster

Check Lists Some lists that I use you can use and modify for your personal use

Trailer Wiring

The eye and lookout. And

The Eye, Thanks to David Wilson.

Setting Goals 

Wave Influence on Thermals

Competition Finishes

Eating Potato Muffins

BGA Cross Country Soaring  An Old but Good leaflet on Cross Country Soaring

Accounting A comprehensive article on Running a Gliding Clubs Accounts

Simulator talk.Simulator

Power Points

Getting Ready to go cross country. (note on this power point there are the following links 
                                                            that need to be added and linked.)

                                                            Flying box

                                                            Car Note

                                                            Outland List





Gliding Myths
I need to increase my wing loading when flying into wind.
There is a coaching booklet produced by the GFA and available on
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Coaches Power Points
Setting Goals
SZD 55 3000