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Colour selection for a car like the GT 40 is of course very important. It becomes more complex in that the tradition is to have a Go Fast Stripe that adds not only one or more additional colours but also the decision as to how these should be placed on the vehicle. I strongly recommend that some research is done into this part of the car. It may be difficult for those of you who have skills on engineering rather than art. Get some help by an artist.
Please don't copy me but may be take some tips to help guide you towards the car that will be pleasing to you and may be show your character.

First ideas.

White GT 40There is nothing like trawling the internet to give you an idea and there are plenty of photos of GT40s both full sized and real.
I did not want to copy some of the schemes of the early GT40s like the Gulf Colour or the straight double stripe down the length of the car. Yes they look great but I wanted to be an individual. Remember "We are all individuals."
I was taken very much by a white and blue GT40 not only did I like the colour scheme I also liked the position of the multi coloured stripe.

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Using Models.

Orange FordJaguar F1As I drove around Perth I would be looking at car for ideas of base colours and came up with four that I liked. Bright White (there are many different whites.) Perl White. Green as per the Jaguar F1 car and Metallic Orange (As per the Ford Focus.)
Whilst waiting for the factory to open and COVID go away I made four model GT40s, I think 1:24 scale, There are plenty you can get on eBay and your local hobby shop.
With regard the paints White is easy to get from an auto supply shop. The Pearl White and Orange are both two can colours so I had them mixed for me, there are Auto supply shops who will do this for you. Expensive but cheaper than getting the car wrong! The Jag Green can be bought on eBay from model suppliers.
After looking at the Models I decided to go Green or Orange. It was now time to look at the stripes.


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Models and Stripes.

Deb ElleryStripe 1Stripe 2Stripe 3Working out the colour for the stripe is not easy, nor its getting the thickness and location. My wife had a friend Deb Ellery who has been an arts teacher. She offered to help and suggested that I purchased a load of paint sample cards and put them together and gave me some ideas of suitable colours to go with the Green and Orange. I also painted a couple of boards in the Green and Orange to play with. Having an idea of the basics we got together and played about a bit more. Whenever we came up with a good idea we would take a picture of it. I can guarantee that you will forget what looked good. Make sure if you do this check that the camera gives the correct representation. My Samsung failed this test but the Canon camera was pretty good.
We eventually came to the conclusion that the Orange with a Metallic Teal and thinner white stripe was the way to go.

Deb is certainly not a petrol head but she was delighted with the idea of telling her kids that she was helping with the colour scheme of a GT40.


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Models and Stripes.
Scaling Up.

Once we had made the decision to go Orange and Teal I made a larger model 1:12 scale as this would give a more realistic view in addition to being easier to make the stripes. For the stripes I acquired a small sheet of Vinyl that is used for car wraps. I then painted it Metallic Teal. I did find that it was not easy, with my painting skills to get an even coverage, so I ran a brush across the wet paint. It did make an interesting finish that I thought may be good for the final job.
Having made and painted the model in the Orange I cut some thin paper to approximately the size of the stripe, wet it and laid it on the model allowing the water to stick it in place. Once it was dry I drew over it exactly where the stripe would be I had a good template. With this I cut out the white Vinyl and stuck it to the model. Note when doing this don't stick it on dry, add a bit of water, even with a little detergent to allow you to slide the vinyl into place and push out the bubbles. I then did the same with the Teal and laid it over the white. With a little trimming with a sharp scalpel. I was happy with the job. All I had to do was wait for the full sized toy.
Orange GT 40

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Changing My Mind.

Green MaseratiI was out with Jenny and my daughter Sophie at a cafe when I picked up a motoring. In it was a picture of a Maserati in a spectacular metallic green. I thought that this was what I was looking for so I visited a paint supplier who, by coincidence, I knew from church. Car Paint Shop He explained how the paint has "flip" that changes the paint's apparent colour depending upon the viewing angle. Nathan Mixed up some paint for me and sent me on my way. (He has a paint shop that you can hire if you want.)
Another 1:12 scale car was made and stripes attached with a subtle difference to the Orange car. (Spot the difference.)

Green GT40

So will this be the final colour scheme?

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