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Robert Logan Roaring Forties   Roaring Forties Logo

 Supplier of the car.
I was delighted that Robert took over the company, he has total enthusiasm for car building and keen to have a perfect car for his customers. Obviously the building of an electric GT40 was a completely new build with many changes to the standard build. Robert is working hard to move this project forward, despite the difficulties.

Tim Brunner EV Works.    EV Works logo

I needed a good contact and support to help me with the electronics. In addition to Tim being able to supply batteries and electronic parts, Tim has proven to be excellent help with the project.


MoTeC    MoTeC Logo

Motec supply numerous parts for racing cars in the display and management systems. I was impressed with the display and purchased the C1212 for my GT40E.


EVTV Motor Verks. Limited Slip Differential. EVTV Motor Verks Logo

EVTV Motor Verks supply numerous parts for the Electric car conversion market. In my case they supplied the Quaife Limited Slip Differential.

Stakry Freight from the USA Stakry Logo

If you find that you have been over quoted freight from a USA supplier. Use Stackry. You set up an account with Stackry and your supplier sends your parcel local freight. Stackry can then combine and repack your parcels. Their freight cost is often way below that of your original supplier. I have used them for many years and find them well worth working with.

HP Academy run online courses on Auto Electronics. I went on the wiring course, Well worth while for non experts. HP Academy Logo