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Aluminium FloorHP AcademyThe aluminium pannels are being fitted to the chassis.
In the mean time I have been on a wiring course run by HP Academy. For those not already experts in wiring I recomend going through this course. Very thorough and easy to follow.


Powder Coating May 2021

Powder Coated ChassisChassis back from powder coating, satin black and floor fitted. Aluminum panels being made and finished, Bodywork has been fitted. Suspension has been powder coated in the same satin black and will be fitted as soon as the aluminum is completed.
Motor cradle needs to be manufactured.
Robert is spot on with his timing at Roaring Forties.



Limited Slip Differential, May 2021

As the Tesla has a straight forward differential and uses the breaks to encourage even drive on the back two wheels. I needed a limited Slip Differential. EVTV Motor Verks in Missouri USA. You can buy the Quaife LSD from them. I found them very efficient to deal with, giving me same day replies to my questions. Although I found their freight costs very expensive. But I have a way around that as follows. I have found many USA companies charge prohibitive freight costs overseas so I use a freight forwarding company, Stakry, who also allow you to batch your purchases. I have an account with them and have used them for many years. Again a very efficient company. Back to EVTV They have a very good video on how to fit it to your Tesla S drive, it looks to be easy enough, but from what I have seen before handle your Tesla motor with care.

ChassisThere were some traumas getting the engine to fit and but with Roberts persistence it was eventually fitted in May.

In the mean time I needed to have a contact who would help me with the Electrical side of the build. I believe I was fortunate in making contact with Tim from EV Works in Landsdale Western Australia. Tim supplies batteries for Electric Cars and gives me good advice.


We decided, having seen a video on a Lotus Evora Tesla build, to go for the MoTeC display system.
At the same time we watched a very good video on the Tesla motor by Professor John Kelly Webster State University. I would recommend that anybody who is getting involved with a Tesla motor look at the video. This changed our thinking on converting the motor from East West to North South.

November 2020

Shortly after the opening Roaring Forties changed hands with Robert Logan, who had previously built GT40s and also built 1960s F1 cars to the USA. I have to say that I felt a lot more confident with Robert, particularly as we both knew making an Electric GT40 was not going to be easy. Robert had to settle down bringing the manufacturing to Philip Island.

Waiting for COVID to allow progress.

Whilst the factory was closed there was little that we could do. However as I like to plan ahead I started working on the colour scheme. A car like the GT40 needs to look good. It rarely comes in one colour as the Go Fast Stripe was a regular feature that gave the car at least one additional colour. Details on how I went ahead in this important part of the project can be seen on a separate page. Choosing Colour

March 2020

Roaring Forties Melbourne1Roaring Forties Melbourne2

I went to the F1 in Melbourne Australia and on the Friday before practice my daughter and I went to visit Roaring Forties who were, at that time located in Melbourne. After a chat to the management and a sit in one of the cars and a chat with an owner we did our tourist thing round Melbourne. The race had been canceled due to COVID closing the event that morning. A week later I ordered the Tesla motor from America, on EBay. Another week later, due to lockdown the factory closed and did not open until November 2020.