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James Cooper of Perth, Western Australia  trains Reckon accounting package - (Previously known as QuickBooks) and competes in the  sport of gliding. Swamp Stories are for children and can be changed to let your child be the hero.  Reasons to Believe show how modern science and the Bible fit together like a jig saw.

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AT Logo.jpg (278701 bytes)I am a Reckon (Previously known as QuickBooks) trainer and will visit you and train on a one to one basis. Find out more by clicking on the logo.




The SmartSki is a Recreational Kayak. Designed to be Light, Quick and Stable. But the Magic is that it can be converted from a single seat to a double seat in one minute. Click on the icon to see more.

Xif2.jpg (58801 bytes)I have been flying gliders since 1980 and am currently a member of The Gliding Club of Western Australia, based at Cunderdin.  For more information on gliding double click on the logo.


We Purchased a Wirr-away Motor Home. Find out why we chose this model and in the future perhaps follow our trips.


page26.jpg (226532 bytes)The Swamp Stories were written by my mother for my daughter Sophie. There are 26 individual stories detailing the adventures of Sophie the Pteranadon and her friends who live in prehistoric times. The book has a considerable number of sketches and beautiful water colour pictures. For more details double click the photo of Bad Jason receiving the cup for winning the Gold Cup having stolen Red Rum, painting him black and renaming him Black Rump. You can order The Swamp Stories with your child's name as the Hero.

Have you ever wondered about the Big Bang. Is it a proven fact. Could it just have happened by chance that from nothing a universe was created. Created so finely tuned that atoms and elements came into being, with just the forces right to hold them together to form elements. The forces of nature are just right.  Have you ever thought how finely tuned the earth is to allow life. The probability of a planet with the right features to sustain life is less probable than all the planets in the universe. Go to the Reasons website and find if the universe was created by chance or by a creator.


James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details QuickBooks or Reckon a business accounting system, Glider Log Keeping, SmartLogs Details the exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  and much more.