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Sophie's Toilet


From The Swamp Stories by Anne Cooper.

Chapter 19


Bad Jason loved poking his nose into other people's affairs. He was always trying to find out what Sophie and her friends were saying and doing, so that he could stir up trouble, if possible.

One morning as he was spying at the edge of the swamp where Sophie and her friends often played, he discovered some old drainage pipes, half buried in the ground, and hidden by the branches of a large mangrove. He thought that it would be an ideal hiding place to lie and listen when Sophie and her friends came for a game of swampball. He was in his secret hiding place when Sophie came from her music lesson to play swampball with her friends.

“Oh dear,” Sophie said to Sonya and Sybilla, “I wish I had asked Clara if I could use her toilet. There isn't one here, so I shall just have to go and find a place to hide in the bushes.” Off she went, and hadn't gone far before she saw a little toilet, half hidden by, mangrove branches.

“How lucky.” she thought, as she sat on it. Bad Jason was most surprised to hear Sophie so near to his hiding place. And even more surprised to get such a close view of her bottom. He opened his mouth to cry

“STOP!” But it was too late.

Sophie felt much better. She went to find her friends.

“There's a nice little toilet in the mangroves,” she said. So they all decided to go and use it before they played swampball. Sonya and Sybilla, Nina, Josiah, Rebecca and Courtney, Nicole, Kelly, Leah, Megan and all.


A toilet, among the mangroves