WA Records

WA Records
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Records are made to be broken. Click on the table listed above.

  WAGA State Record Rules Feb 2003

  1. WAGA Records will follow the rules in the FAI sporting code with the following additions.
  2. A West Australian pilot is one who is a permanent resident in Western Australiaand a member of a WAGA affiliated club.
  3. A West Australian record is one where the flight  has a start or finish point in Western Australia
  4. A multi seat flight must have all pilots being within the rule 2.
  5. A multi seat female flight must have all pilots female
  6. The above rules do not effect any flights that have been registered by WAGA prior to these rules being published

All records are now located on the WAGA Web Page.

James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details International Justice Mission, PingPongAThon, exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  and much more.