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As I go around many industries I find many products and people who offer great assistance. Below are a few that can help you.

Accountants. If you find that your accountant is not supporting Reckon Accounts the way you would like due to perhaps his lack of understanding of the product. I can recommend a couple, this is not to say that there are not many others out there. Shop around.
Please ring me.

Zed-Systems. For the importing into and importing and exporting in and out of QuickBooks I recommend Zed-Systems, ZedAxis program. It has proven to be very simple to operate and useful for doing large batches of transactions and lists off worksheets that would otherwise prove to be time consuming and sometimes impossible. If you want help with this functionality please contact me.



SPAM This is a problem for many people. If you download the program Mail Washer from the web it will allow you to look at all your emails before you receive them. At this point you may delete them or even bounce them back to the sender making it look as if you do not exist. It does cost a little but nothing like the cost of receiving spam www.mailwasher.net

Lasersharp anything to do with printing ...they will present your company with a 'different' and professional look-everything from business cards to short-run client submissions please contact Bill on (08)93074280


Post Code. If you have Microsoft Access on your computer you can use this program to give you the post code of a suburb, a little program I developed. Click Here to download.

CAR SERVICE I have used Simon Negus at Negus AutoServices to service my car for many years and would recoment nobody else. A top job with personalise expert service. Click Her for for a link to his website.


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