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In 2009 I started to develop a comprehensive log keeping system for Recording flights at the launch point and importing the flights into our accounting system. The program has since developed to do much more.
The critical point of this log keeping system is that it is filled out at the launch point , then emailed to the Treasurer. 
On receiving the logs sheet the treasurer can import the flights into the accounting system. In addition it will import ;-

New and Edited Members details, 
New gliders.
Charges to the New Members for Membership
Sold Fuel,
Charges will use multiple rice levels for pilots (we have 4 different price levels at GCWA for pre solo, and post solo, bulk and non bulk members). 
In addition prices for Air Experience Flights are charged at a fixed price with the cost being split between the Tug, Glider and AEF profit.
At any time at the launch point the totals flights and times are available for:- Gliders, Tugs, Pilots, and finances.

The Log system also has a cumulative log  sheet giving details of all flights since using the system. These can be filtered form many types of reports. 

No need to manually type in Log Sheets again.

Demonstration Video The Basics    YouTubeLink
Sending Flight Sheet to the Treasurer and importing it into Accounts.   YouTubeLink
Reports SmartLogs can do more reports on Flying Activity than the Accounting System   YouTubeLink
Preferences There are many preferrences that you can change to make SmartLogs perform the way you want it to. YouTubeLink
Using Calculate   YouTubeLink

Air Experience Flights           Processing Air Experience flights and how SmartLogs processes into your Accounts   YouTubeLink
Viewing Fees                        No out of date fees on the airfield, they are all in SmartLogs   YouTubeLink
Visitors                                 Processing visitors, usually friends, who have no account   YouTubeLink
Selling Fuel                           SmartLogs will also sell fuel.    YouTubeLink
Joining New Members          SmartLogs will join members with more than just the basic details, charge them fees and join them to the national body.    YouTubeLink
Editing Members Details       YouTubeLink
Competition Launch Fees     Changing SmartLogs on a competition day, so that launches are charged at a rate set for the Competition. YouTubeLink
Retrieve Entry                      This video shows how to enter a Retrieve,   YouTubeLink
Retrieve Entry with Wizard   This video shows how to enter a Retrieve, using the Retrieve Wizard.    YouTubeLink
Sharing Retrieve Costs          SmartLogs will share the costs of a retrieve where the tug collects more than one glider and pilots land different distances from base.    YouTubeLink
Self Launch entry                  How to enter self launch.    YouTubeLink
Dual Launches                      How to enter dual launches where more than one glider is towed with one tug, and then share the cost, or not.   YouTubeLink
Warnings                               SmartLogs warns for those who are out of date with Annual checks, Payment to National Body and Club fees.    YouTubeLink
Pre-Paid Students                Pre-Paid Students pay up front for their instructional flights. SmartLogs Looks after this for you. YouTubeLink      YouTubeLink

Information Sheet

Downloads Sample File.
Please feel free to download the sample file. However Please contact me and I will guide you through setup.

SmartLogs2016 Australian Setup        SmartLogs2016 USA Setup

James Cooper's lives in Perth Western Australia his web page details QuickBooks or Reckon a business accounting system, Glider Log Keeping, SmartLogs Details the exciting sport of Gliding at Cunderdin,  and much more.